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Eating Poorly Can Make You Blue

Researchers have demonstrated that trans-fats increase your risk of suffering depression. Olive oil, on the other hand, can protect you against this mental illness.

Scientists studied more than 12,000 volunteers over the course of six years. Participants with an elevated consumption of trans-fats had up to a 48 percent increase in their risk of depression. The more trans-fats consumed, the greater the depression risk.

According to Science Daily:

"Thus, the results of the study corroborate the hypothesis of a greater incidence of [depression] in countries of the north of Europe compared to the countries of the south, where a Mediterranean dietary pattern prevails. Nevertheless, experts have noted that the incidence of the disease has increased in recent years, so that today some 150 million persons are affected worldwide, where it is the principal cause of loss of years of life in those countries with a medium-to-high per capita income."

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