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Is Mercury in Dentistry Safe for Humans?

Yet another peer-reviewed study -- the third in about a month -- has been published that describes a significant link between mercury, such as the kind used in dental amalgams, and autism.

According to the study:

"... [M]ercury exposure altered cell number and cell division; these impacts have been postulated as modes of action for the observed adverse effects in neuronal development. The potential implications of such observations are evident when evaluated in context with research showing that altered cell proliferation and focal neuropathologic effects have been linked with specific neurobehavioral deficits (e.g., autism)."

Dental amalgam is by far the main source of the total human mercury body burden. Fetuses and infants are more susceptible to mercury toxicity than adults, and mothers consuming a diet containing mercury pass the toxicant to fetuses and to infants through breast milk. Decreased performance in the areas of motor function and memory has been reported among children exposed even to supposedly "safe" mercury levels.

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