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Can't Beat Food Cravings? Four Steps to Help You Kick Your Addictions

Are you having trouble losing weight because of an addiction to sugary foods? ABC News reports that Dr. Mehmet Oz offers four steps for beating those cravings by detoxing your liver:

Step 1: Replace grains with broccoli or cauliflower for one week, and eat garlic, chives and leeks

Step 2: During withdrawal, take a Vitamin B complex and 1,000 mg a day of chromium picolinate

Step 3: Eat meat in a 4:1 ratio, limiting it to a quarter of your protein; also eat leafy greens and citrus.

Step 4: Address emotional eating -- emotional hunger is sudden, while physical hunger is gradual

To read more about Dr. Oz's theories, click on the link below.

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