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The Return of Rickets

Repeated warnings regarding the dangers of too much sun may have inadvertently led to vitamin D deficiencies -- resulting in a resurgence of rickets.

Rickets is caused by childhood vitamin D deficiency, and results in skeletal pains or bone deformities. Until recently, it was thought to be a disease of the past in developed societies. But there is now evidence suggesting a resurgence of vitamin D deficiency among children.

According to BBC News:

"Vitamin D deficiency is a major factor in the development of bone deformities including rickets, genu valgum ('knock knees'), genu varum ('bowed legs') and non-specific musculoskeletal pain in children. Those with severe skeletal deformities are faced with the prospect of long and painful corrective surgical procedures ... [F]igures suggest that up to 40 percent of children presenting to the orthopedic outpatient service ... have vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency."

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