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Fewer Doctors Love Their Work

A recent poll showed that over a third of doctors are unhappy about some aspect of their profession. They often expressed serious concerns that the current state of health care is impeding their ability to provide quality care.

Even physicians who said they were happy agreed that there were problems. According to AOL Jobs, these included:

"Not being able to spend enough time with patients in the wake of mass-production medicine ... The lack of solidarity on the part of physicians to return the focus of medicine to the patient".

I would actually go further than this. In my personal experience, most doctors HATE their work.

Think about it -- they are in a model that does not work, as they never treat the cause. They are unknowing pawns of the drug companies and make relatively little money. Sure, they might rake in a few hundred thousand at best, but then they have to pay expenses like malpractice and their income dives -- unless they are among those who conspire to steal from insurance or government with overpriced procedures.

Then they have to deal all day long with complaining patients, who are all failing to get better because of the doctors' IGNORANT recommendations.

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