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Eggs are Better than They're Cracked Up to Be

The received wisdom states that eggs are high in dietary cholesterol.  However, a new study shows that eggs today contain a lot less cholesterol than they did a decade ago.  A large egg now contains about 185 milligrams of cholesterol, down from 215 milligrams.

USA Today reports:

“‘Evidence suggests that one egg (i.e. egg yolk) per day does not result in increased blood cholesterol levels, nor does it increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in healthy people,’ according to the government's Dietary Guidelines for Americans”.

In fact, I believe this vastly underestimates the reality.  The apparent drop in egg cholesterol isn't really that big a deal, because the cholesterol in eggs was never that dangerous in the first place.  You can easily eat one dozen eggs per week, as they will not cause your cholesterol to increase. Scientists have shown that infants who eat the adult equivalent of 40 eggs per week don't have problems.

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