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Introducing Solid Food Too Soon Puts Babies at Risk for Early Obesity

Starting formula-fed babies on solid food too early could increase their obesity risk.  A study followed more than 840 young children, and found that solid food introduced before four months of age led to a more than 6-fold increased chance of obesity at age 3.

This did not hold true for breastfed infants.  The timing of solid food introduction had no impact on their obesity at age 3.

According to ABC News:

“The findings from the longitudinal study support guidelines recommending holding off on solids until at least 4 months of age and preferably to six months of age, the researchers noted ‘Additionally, it further confirms the tremendous long-term nutritional value of breast feeding during the first six months of life,’ commented Dr. Cliff Nerwen of Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York City in a statement sent to reporters.”

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