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Is Your Supermarket Chicken Poisoning You?

Microbiological tests carried out by an independent ­laboratory found campylobacter contamination on the packaging of fresh chicken purchased at many of Britain’s leading supermarkets. Experts say the problem is bad enough that shoppers handling packaged chicken should take the same precautions as if touching the raw meat itself.

Symptoms of campylobacter infection usually include diarrhea and stomach cramps.  There can be more serious complications, especially among the young, elderly and ill.

According to the Daily Mail:

“Campylobacter was detected on the outside of the packaging of eight of the 20 samples, or 40 percent. The pathogen was found in the meat of seven samples -- 35 percent.  What was interesting was that there was no link between the positive results they found on the meat itself and on the external packaging ... This clearly suggests that the item had become contaminated at some stage between packaging and the chicken’s arrival on the shelves.”

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