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Does the World Have a Drinking Problem?

The Daily Beast took a look at the World Health Organization’s new report on global alcohol consumption.  Here’s some of what they found:

Nearly Half Have Never Had a Drink

Only about 50 percent of the world’s population consumes alcohol.

Americans Are Drinking Less Than Europeans, But Dying More Often From It

Americans drink only three-quarters as much alcohol as Europeans, but are far more likely to die from alcohol-related causes.

Kids Are Drinking a Lot More

71 percent of the countries measured saw an increase in drinking among teenagers aged 13 to 15, and 80 percent saw an increase among young adults aged 18 to 25.

More People Are Dying From Alcohol Than From AIDS

Over 2 million people died in 2004 of causes that can be attributed to alcohol consumption -- which is nearly 4 percent of global deaths, far more than were caused by AIDS or tuberculosis.

Nearly a Third of All Alcohol is Black Market

About 30 percent of all alcohol consumed in the world is "unrecorded" -- neither produced nor sold through official channels.

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