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Danger Lies on the GM Food Road

Terry Redman, the West Australian Minister for Agriculture, wants to redefine the word "organic" to include genetically modified (GM) organisms.

Of course, some organic farmers have already unwillingly been growing GM crops.  Steve Marsh, an Australian organic farmer, one year found his wheat and oats testing 70 percent positive for novel DNA thanks to cross-pollination from nearby farms.  Monsanto, of course, thinks the farmer should pay them for what amounts to the complete loss of his organic farm business -- no matter that the genes were most likely wind or bee-propagated, they say they were illegally in his plants, and he should pay $400,000.

According to the Syndey Morning Herald:

“Dr. Vandana Shiva ... links more than 200,000 Indian farmer suicides to Monsanto's introduction of GM cottonseed in the early 1990s. With 90 percent of India's cotton now transgenic, it is a phenomenon that campaigners, including the Prince of Wales, have branded the ‘GM genocide.’”

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