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Nearly 10,000 Infants Hurt Each Year in Crib Accidents

More than 9,500 babies go to the emergency room each year because of injuries related to cribs and playpens.  More than 100 children die each year from these accidents -- although the true number of crib-related injuries and deaths is probably much higher, because these numbers only count children treated in ERs, and not those seen at doctor's offices or urgent-care centers.

Because their heads are large, children are top-heavy and easily tip out of beds.  And they don't have the ability to break their fall with their arms.  This suggests that manufacturers need to redesign cribs to prevent falls.

USA Today reports:

“The Consumer Product Safety Commission in December created the first new mandatory crib standards in 30 years, prompted by the deaths of at least 36 infants since 2007. The new standards ban cribs with movable drop-down sides. Although drop-side cribs make it easier to get babies in and out, they also can trap children, especially when the cribs have broken pieces or missing hardware.”

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