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Beware the Cafeteria Diet

According to recent research, a “cafeteria diet” -- cookies, chips, and processed meats -- is the perfect diet for producing high levels of body fat, glucose intolerance, and systemic inflammation.

In fact, rats fed such a diet not were not only more likely to become obese and diabetic than they were on a standard diet -- they proved to be more likely to become obese an diabetic than when they were fed a diet consisting of 45 percent lard.

According to the article in Obesity:

“The CAF [Cafeteria Diet] is a more robust model of metabolic syndrome than lard-based [High Fat Diet] and that the rapid-onset of weight gain, obesity, multiorgan dysfunctions and pathologies observed in the CAF model more closely reflect the modern human condition of early onset obesity. The CAF diet, while labor intensive and ‘untraditional,’ may be the best model to emulate modern human obesity trends.”

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