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Too Few Docs Tell Patients They're Overweight

Many people who are overweight and obese don’t even know it, and too few doctors are willing to tell them, according to a new study.  Researchers examined data on roughly 5,500 people, and found that one-third of the obese participants and more than half of overweight participants had never been told by a doctor that they were overweight.

Obese and overweight patients who had discussed the issue with doctors were more than twice as likely to have tried to lose weight in the previous year.

CNN reports:

“Doctors may be reluctant to broach the subject of weight for a number of reasons .... For instance, busy physicians might not want to fall behind schedule by adding another topic to their list of things to discuss during an appointment. And many doctors have negative attitudes toward their heavier patients, whom they see as unlikely to stick to a diet and exercise program”.

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