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New Milk Substitute Alternatives Fight in the Diary Case

Two brands of almond milk are currently having a market share battle -- Silk Pure Almond and Almond Breeze. Almond milk is part of a recent 13 percent growth in milk alternatives.

Milk alternatives are especially popular in households where people are lactose-intolerant or dairy-allergic. The increasing options include milk-like drinks derived from soybeans, rice, coconut, hazelnuts and even hemp. There sales growth follows decades of slow, steady decline in cow's milk consumption.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Almond milk is made when roasted almonds are crushed to make almond butter, then mixed with water plus vitamins, stabilizers and, in some cases, a sweetener, such as evaporated cane juice ... Consumers are paying premium prices for almond milk, in contrast to regular milk where grocers often cut prices, sometimes below their own cost, to lure shoppers.”

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