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Treatment to Smooth Frizzy Hair Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals

The Brazilian Blowout, a popular treatment that smooths down frizzy hair, could potentially contain cancer-causing chemicals.  The treatment often contains formaldehyde, which has been classed as a probable carcinogen.

Canadian authorities have already issued a warning about the possible health hazards.  The U.S FDA is investigating to see if the ingredients could cause health problems.  Despite this, thousands of women are still using the products.

The Daily Mail reports:

“The treatment surfaced around 2005 in Brazil ... [H]air dressers mixed their own formulas in beakers with formaldehyde, water, keratin and other ingredients.  In 2009, the [Brazilian] government agency in charge of health and safety, Anvisa, started cracking down on salons that overuse the chemical ... The sale of formaldehyde in pharmacies and supermarkets was forbidden in 2009 to stop the practice.”
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