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Eli Lilly Settles Pollution Suit for $337,500

Eli Lilly has settled a lawsuit with the U.S. federal government that alleged the drug manufacturer had released a high level of hazardous pollutants from its manufacturing plant in Indianapolis.  The settlement requires Eli Lilly to pay a $337,500 penalty within 30 days.

The lawsuit was the result of an on-site inspection of the plant in June 2006. The inspection allegedly found high levels of acetonitrile and methanol, both of which are considered to be hazardous air pollutants.  Acetonitrile is used as a solvent in the drug-purification process, and methanol is used to produce drugs in a variety of ways.

IBJ reports:

“For all but one day, between March 6, 2004, and Jan[uary] 11, 2007, hazardous air pollutant emissions were greater than 900 kilograms -- an amount that cannot be exceeded ... Eli Lilly does not admit the facts or legal conclusions alleged in the original complaint, the settlement said.”

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