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Why is the FDA Remaining Silent About this Growing Danger?

Antibiotics on factory farms almost certainly contribute to the surge in antibiotic-resistant infections among people, such as MRSA, which now kills more Americans than AIDS.

The U.S. FDA, however, had until just last December neglected to estimate the percentage of total U.S. antibiotic consumption that goes to livestock -- even though the agency has hard evidence that meat commonly sold in grocery stores is routinely infected with resistant bacteria.  More than 90 percent of Salmonella on chicken is resistant to at least one antibiotic, and often more.

Grist reports:

“In other words, chicken on supermarket shelves is routinely tainted with antibiotic-resistant bugs. ... [But] policy hasn't moved at all. Where are the loud public statements from the FDA trumpeting the fact that our factory farms are cooking up superbugs that make their way to our meat?”

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