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Why the Food Movement is Becoming an Environmental Force

The traditional environmental movement is going through a tough time in the U.S. The chance of national and international action on climate change seems more remote than ever. The U.S. EPA is under attack by newly empowered Republicans in Congress who argue that the very idea of environmental protection is unaffordable.

But even as one group of environmentalists struggles, another movement is rising in its place. The food movement may be able to create just the sort of political and social transformation that environmentalists have failed to achieve.

Time Magazine reports:

“What makes the food movement so unusual is that it's not a single national movement at all, it's a series of organized smaller mobilizations -- which is both an asset and a liability ... What's amazing is how quickly the food movement has become a measurable force in American society ... There are now thousands of community-supported agriculture programs around the country, up from just two in 1986.”

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