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Bisphenol A Exposures Lower in Canadians than Americans

Bisphenol A is one of the world’s most commonly manufactured chemicals in the world. However, there are concerns that bisphenol A may have a negative effects on the human reproductive system.  In October 2010, Canada invoked the precautionary principle when it became the first country in the world to declare bisphenol A a health hazard.

Even before the declaration, concentrations of bisphenol A in Canadians were lower than for Americans, although the reason for this is unknown.  Differences in sources of bisphenol A, such as food packaging and thermal receipt papers, might be a factor.

According to Science Daily:

“While the labeling of bisphenol A as a toxic substance is a positive step ... regulations to remove bisphenol A from all food-contact sources, or ban it completely, are not yet forthcoming”.

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