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When the Food Labels Says Sugar-Free, it Might Not Mean Sugar-Free

Foods labeled as fat free or sugar free might actually not be totally “free” of either.  A can label a food fat free or sugar free if it has less than one-half gram per serving.

This means, among other problems, that a food can meet the criteria for “free” as the portion listed on the label, but if your portion is larger, you could be consuming significant amounts of the very thing you are trying to avoid.  And it’s important to look not only at the serving size, but also the number of servings in the package. If you eat the entire package, you will need to multiply the numbers on the label by the number of servings in the package.

Newswise reports:

“‘Sugar free’ is [a] designation to watch out for, especially for people with diabetes ... A person with diabetes may be unintentionally consuming large amounts of carbohydrates that can raise their blood glucose level.”

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