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Potassium-Rich Diet Tied to Lower Stroke Risk

People who eat a diet rich in potassium may be less likely to suffer a stroke. A review of 11 studies, following a total of more than 247,000 adults, found that as potassium intake went up, the risk of suffering a stroke went down.

Potassium helps regulate your heartbeat, conduct nerve impulses and contract muscles. Most adults need about 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day.  Tomatoes, bananas, plums and raisins are among the richest sources of potassium.

Reuters reports:

“... [F]or every 1,640-milligram increase in people's daily potassium intake, the odds of suffering a stroke declined by 21 percent ... The 21-percent reduction in stroke risk would translate into as many as 1.15 million fewer stroke deaths worldwide each year”.

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