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Breakfast is Not So G-r-r-reat When Your Only Option is Frosted Flakes

In the U.S., a quarter of children go without breakfast each morning. Last week, Kellogg started new project called Share Your Breakfast, which involves the company donating up to a million school breakfasts for children in need.

But while this sounds philanthropic, feeding children highly-processed junk foods is not the answer. As part of this project, Kellogg is promoting foods such as Frosted Flakes, which contains 11 grams of sugar per three-fourths cup serving, and Nutri-Grain bars, which contain high-fructose-corn syrup, artificial flavors, and a host of other chemicals.

The Huffington Post reports:

"According to research ... children will eat cereal with less sugar if the option is made available ... [T]he industry strives to reinforce the myth that children will not eat low-sugar cereals ... Make no mistake, Share Your Breakfast is an advertising campaign above all else."

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