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Kids' Jewelry May Pose Cadmium Poison Risk

A new study finds that children can be exposed to more than 100 times the recommended limit of cadmium when they suck on or accidentally swallow common, inexpensive jewelry items.

Cadmium is toxic even at fairly low doses, and has been linked to kidney, bone and liver disease. It is also a known carcinogen. Ironically, its use in children's jewelry has increased because restrictions have been made more tight on the use of lead, and cadmium is being used as a replacement.

ABC News reports:

"The absence of regulations has opened the doors for some jewelry items to expose young kids to extremely high levels of this toxin ... Of the 92 pieces of cadmium-containing jewelry tested in the study ... two would expose children to 100 times the recommended limit on cadmium had they been swallowed."

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