Flu Shot Destroys Baby’s Life

Last year, Saba Button was a thriving 11-month-old. She'd just taken her first steps, and spoken her first words. Then her parents chose to follow the Australian Health Department’s recommendation and give Saba the flu vaccination.

She had her vaccination at lunchtime, and by dinner time she had a raging temperature. After two days in the ICU, her family was told she probably wouldn’t make it.   She survived, but now she has an acquired brain injury from prolonged seizures.  She is no longer able to walk or talk, or eat by mouth.

Optus Zoo reports:

“What makes this story so desperately sad is her parents believe the injury to their daughter could have been prevented.  In the days leading up to Saba's flu jab, 111 other Perth children had suffered adverse reactions. The Health Department must have known about these terrible outcomes, but didn't issue a warning to parents.”

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