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Insights into How Drug Companies Manipulate Research Evidence to Fool You

A new series featured in an online forum offers insight into how the pharmaceutical industry manipulates research, from what you hear in the news to the actual medical journals the so-called medical research is published in. According to The Conversation, transparency in medicine—if it even exists—is clouded by the way marketing departments control and distort information in the medical literature.

Jon Jureidini is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Adelaide (Australia), and he got an inside look at this murky mess while examining drug company internal documents as an expert witness in a case against a pharmaceutical company. Provided with access to a huge number of internal documents, he learned that various drug companies gave millions of dollars not only to academic institutions to fund research, but to some researchers themselves.

The documents also showed “serious misrepresentation” of both the effectiveness and safety of certain drugs, with published articles making the research appear positive and negative secondary outcomes deleted.

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