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Brainwashing Kids Important Strategy for Big Business

At a critical time in history when youth are suffering the health consequences of over-processed, fat-and sugar-laden, chemical-, and GMO-tainted foods that come with toys to tempt kids to want them, the biotech industry has sunk to a new low in the takeover of your children.

In a blatant attempt at brainwashing, the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) is circulating a colorful “workbook” for kids that, at best, is nothing short of propaganda to brainwash kids into believing genetically modified products are the savior of the future. The book, called "Look Closer at Biotechnology," looks like a science workbook, but as AlterNet reports, it’s actually “a heavy dose of outright lies” about the effects of genetic engineering on health, the environment, world hunger, and the future of farming.

The book also contains hints for teachers so they can use it in their classrooms to promote the book’s agenda.

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