Physical Activity During Pregnancy May Help Protect Offspring From Age-Related Health Risks

The decisions you make before your baby is born have a significant impact on his or her health for years to come. Only recently have researchers begun to fully understand the complexity of the human genome and the extent to which it is expressed for generations in the future.

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy increases your child’s risk of obesity, which in turn increases the odds of encountering significant health conditions throughout their life. Research reported by News Medical examined how decisions made by the mother during pregnancy last well into adulthood. Their findings serve as a cautionary tale on one hand but also serve to reiterate the fact that positive lifestyle choices provide tremendous long-term benefits to the child.

The effects of childhood obesity are experienced long into adulthood. With so much at stake, it is important to adhere to healthy eating habits. One important choice is to avoid all artificial sweeteners. Aspartame influences your growing baby's genetic profile and can lead to weight gain. Normally when you eat something sweet your brain releases dopamine, activating your brain's reward center. Aspartame also stimulates the release of dopamine, but because it is a no-calorie sweetener you rarely feel full or satisfied. It also can adversely impact your gut biome.

In this information age we are flooded with seemingly contradictory dietary advice, and this conflicting information can pose a serious challenge. One fundamental rule is to avoid all processed foods and eat nourishing real foods made from wholesome ingredients. My nutrition plan provides more specific and actionable information on healthy eating choices.
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