What Finland's Plan to Be Tobacco-Free Can Teach the World

The small Nordic country of Finland has big plans. According to CNN, they are setting in motion a comprehensive plan that is expected to result in a nearly tobacco-free country by 2040. One of the more commendable aspects of their vision is an emphasis on education and a refusal to promote deceptively dangerous “harm reduction” products such as e-cigarettes.

Progress has been made in the war on tobacco but to some extent it has proven to be an intractable problem. Much like soda, there is no reason to consume nicotine or smoke. It has devastating health effects. The rate of smoking has declined over the decades but this habit still persists in a sizeable segment on the population. 

I believe the "secret" to quitting smoking is to get healthy first, which will make quitting much easier. Exercising is part and parcel of this plan, as research shows people who engage in regular strength training double their success rate at quitting smoking compared to those who don't exercise.

Healthy eating is another crucial aspect that can't be ignored. I recommend reading through my comprehensive free nutrition plan. It provides an actionable framework for adopting healthy eating habits. Two of the primary tenets are to never eat processed food and to prepare your own nourishing whole foods. 

Developing a healthy emotional outlet can also aid your smoking cessation plan. I also recommend the empowering practices of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It can help clear out emotional blockages from your system (some of which you might not even realize are there), thus restoring your mind and body's balance and helping you break the addiction and avoid cravings.
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