Monsanto Banned From European Parliament

Monsanto has gotten the boot from the European Parliament after thumbing its nose at a hearing into allegations that the ag giant exerted undue influence over regulatory studies on the safety of glyphosate, the primary ingredient in its weedkiller, Roundup. According to The Guardian, Monsanto failed to attend the hearing; subsequently, the parliament decided to punish Monsanto for its insubordination by shutting it out of further meetings. Monsanto protested that the decision was “hijacked by populism,” but a spokesman for the NGO Corporate Europe Observatory retorted that Monsanto’s “unbelievable arrogance” deserved the punishment.

It’s about time a governmental body held Monsanto to the wall for its arrogance and defiance in refusing to admit that Roundup is literally killing the world. This is exactly the opposite of what’s going on in the U.S. where at least 800 plaintiffs are having to sue Monsanto on their own, claiming Roundup gave them cancer, because true to form, Monsanto is using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a shield.

The EPA “shield” is its ruling that the chemical is “not likely to be carcinogenic,” even though court filings reveal that a former EPA scientist accused the EPA of ignoring Roundup’s dangers, and that other findings show it is “essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer.” Evidence also shows that Monsanto paid a University of Florida plant scientist to advocate for the genetic engineering that Monsanto does in connection with its weedkiller.

That’s not the end of the story, but the point is, Monsanto is used to elbowing its way through governments and it’s refreshing that finally at least one government has taken a stand. You can take a stand, too, by refusing to purchase anything that is genetically engineered. If for no other reason, you should buy only organic foods, as glyphosate is most heavily applied on GE corn, soybeans and sugar beets, but it's also commonly used to desiccate conventional (non-GMO but non-organic) wheat and protect other conventional crops from weeds. The truth is glyphosate and Roundup may be even worse than DDT.

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