Risks for Blood Clot in a Vein May Rise With Increased TV Viewing

The American Heart Association (AHA) has found that your risk of getting a blood clot in your leg veins or lungs increases if you watch TV “very often,” even if you’re physically active otherwise. While they didn’t define what “very often” means, researchers said that aside from the sitting factor, other things that contribute to the problem include snacking while you’re watching TV and being overweight.

The AHA also advised that if you’re wanting to indulge in watching TV, some positive moves would be to walk a treadmill or ride a stationary bike while you’re watching — and I agree. If you make standing up, sitting less and moving more your daily goal, you’ll soon find yourself feeling stronger, healthier and maybe even a little smaller.

In other words, the more you move, the less apt you are to be sick with all kinds of afflictions, from diabetes to heart disease to blood clots and more. The key is trading sitting for active movement. When you start to work toward slashing your sitting time, you want to replace it with different types of movements and postures, not simply standing still. Fortunately, when you're standing, you're unlikely to stand completely still, at least not for long. You'll likely stretch, lean, bend and pace.

I know it can feel overwhelming to think about giving up your chair, but it's not an all-or-nothing proposition. Rather than focusing on not sitting, think about ways to move more. You might pace while talking on the phone or check your morning emails while doing squats in front of your computer. If you’re “tied” to a computer job all day, you may want to ask your employer to invest in standing desks — something I’ve supplied for my own employees. If this isn’t possible or if you work at home, try setting your computer on a counter or table and stacking books or boxes under it, so you can move as you work. A plus side of this is that standing also improves mental clarity.
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