EKG Reader Is First Ever Apple Watch Accessory to Win FDA Clearance as a Medical Device

Apple has achieved a first-ever coup with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by receiving a thumbs-up for its EKG reader, 9to5Mac reports. The reader is an accessory to the Apple Watch, and can give you an EKG reading in 30 seconds. Apple Watch also is capable of detecting sleep apnea with 90 percent accuracy and high blood pressure with 82 percent accuracy.

As we draw closer and closer to Star Trek-type medical technology, it’s amazing just how many things a band around your wrist can now measure and tell you about your health. Did you know there are about 100,000 apps available for measuring various health conditions? From personal trainer guides to step counters to mind-body analytics, you can find just any type of tracker if you look hard enough.

The latest, however, Na-Nose technology, isn’t something you’ll wear on your wrist. Targeted for smelling out diseases like cancer or gut disorders, this new tool is a breath analyzer. So far around 1,400 participants from different countries have been tested using the Na-Nose technology, which accurately diagnosed disease approximately nine out of 10 times.

A drawback is, depending on which app you choose, you could pay upward of a couple hundred dollars for the privilege of being able to monitor your own health conditions. One of my favorite personal apps, however, doesn’t a penny. The cronometer, which is a free online tool, is the most accurate nutrient tracker on the market, giving you a detailed analysis of what you’re eating, including important macro- and micronutrient ratios.

If you’re trying to improve your metabolic health, it’s important to eat a diet that supports your mitochondrial functioning. This involves limiting net carbs and increasing healthy fats, and the chronometer — which uses only data from the most reliable sources, such as the national nutrient database from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Nutrition Coordinating Center's Food and Nutrient Database — calculates your carbs and fats for you.