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Nestle Defends Itself Against Baby Milk Criticism

According to Reuters, Nestle is scrambling to fend off accusations that they are marketing their formula products as being healthier than breast milk. Changing Markets Foundation levied these charges and Nestle has replied by claiming their claims are legal and based on sound science.

Nestle’s official statement shows exactly how defensive they are about their formula products: “Nestle does not use any statements on its infant formula products or in its other communications that idealize its products or imply they are superior to or equivalent to breastmilk.”

Optimizing your health is a lifelong journey and the foundation is laid early with breastfeeding. Unfortunately, less than 40 percent of infants under 6 months of age are exclusively breastfed. According to WHO, “If every child was breastfed within an hour of birth, given only breast milk for their first six months of life, and continued breastfeeding up to the age of 2 years, about 800,000 child lives would be saved every year.”

The amazing benefits of breast milk can carry over to adulthood. Proper nutrition in infancy has lasting effects on health and even your success as an adult. A study of nearly 6,000 babies followed from birth until they turned 30 years old found that those who were breastfed had increased intelligence, longer schooling and higher earning as adults.

I encourage you to do all you can to breastfeed your baby successfully, and exclusively, for at least the first six months — and longer if possible. This is one of the best gifts you can give to your child and the health benefits will last a lifetime. If you find yourself unable to breastfeed, or you have adopted your newborn, you may want to consider using donated breast milk.

Unfortunately, there is a major downside to using breast milk from human milk banks that are now available in the U.S. The milk has been pasteurized, which means many of the essential immune-building elements will be decimated in the pasteurization process and your infant will fail to receive this crucial support when they need it the most.
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