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Why Heart Attack Symptoms Are Sometimes Missed in Women

Women are more likely to miss symptoms of a heart attack and this disconnect could lead to unnecessary deaths. As reported by CNN, for both men and women the primary symptom of a heart attack is chest pain, but women are more likely to encounter different symptoms. This is the primary reason that a woman between ages of 18 and 55 who has been hospitalized for a heart attack actually has a higher risk of mortality. 

A heart attack can strike suddenly. Its symptoms are quite common, and many people don't initially realize that they're having one. Have you ever wondered what happens during a heart attack? Let's dig deeper into what really goes on inside your body during a heart attack, and the role that plaque plays in this fatal condition.

If your heart has been accumulating plaque over the years, it can thicken enough to obstruct your blood flow. You might not readily notice that you already have a narrowed blood flow, because once a coronary artery becomes incapable of bringing blood to your heart, other coronary arteries expand to take care of the incapacitated artery's job.

In the event of blockage your heart becomes starved of oxygen-rich blood, and your nervous system immediately sends signals to your brain about what's going on. You will start sweating and your heart rate will speed up. You will also feel nauseous and weak.

As your nervous system sends signals to your spinal cord, your other body parts start to ache. You will start feeling an immense chest pain that slowly crawls to your neck, jaw, ears, arms, wrists, shoulder blades, back and even in your abdomen. Heart attack patients say that the pain they experienced was like a clamp squeezing their chest, and may last from several minutes to many hours.

Your heart's tissues will die if you're not given proper treatment right away. If your heart has stopped beating completely, your brain cells will die in a span of just three to seven minutes. If you are treated immediately, your heart will start to heal, but the damaged tissue will never work again resulting in a permanent slow blood flow.

Keeping your heart healthy undeniably makes your life more enjoyable and fruitful. Remember that there are wholesome, commonsense strategies that can help you avoid a heart attack and keep your cardiovascular system performing at its best. For more information check out my feature article, “The Real Secrets to Avoid a Heart Attack.”
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