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Global Glyphosate Study Pilot Phase Shows Adverse Health Effects at ‘Safe’ Doses

In a critically important announcement, the Global Glyphosate Study today released three peer-reviewed manuscripts showing that glyphosate-based herbicides such as that found in Monsanto’s Roundup have far greater impacts on your health than you think. In short, the so-called “safe” levels listed for glyphosate actually can alter sexual development — particularly in females — as well as your entire intestinal microbiome. This new study involves multiple institutions and universities in Europe and the U.S. working together to examine what lies beyond what we’re being told when it comes to what we define as “safe.”

As noted in the press release, glyphosate is the most used herbicide in human history, with 18.9 billion pounds sprayed on crops worldwide since 1974. Originally touted as the answer to less use of herbicides, glyphosate has instead resulted in MORE use, as “superweeds” grew resistant to it; in 2014 alone, farmers sprayed enough glyphosate to apply 0.8 pound per acre on every 2.47 acres of U.S. cultivated cropland along with 0.47 pounds/acre on all cropland globally.

And, it’s not just farm fields that are being doused with this stuff: Studies show that the prevalence of human exposure to glyphosate increased by 500 percent during the study period while actual levels of the chemical, in ug/ml, increased by a shocking 1,208 percent. Ironically, all this has occurred under the auspices of “safe” levels of exposure.

The history of glyphosate’s “safe” lies is a compelling story of how Monsanto managed to manipulate science, defang regulations and even control the free press, in their quite successful effort to establish their product as a king pin in the agriculture world. But in actuality, glyphosate is a potent toxin that’s done nothing but destroy human and environmental health while feeding its makers’ pockets. It’s high time to call a halt to this travesty.

At the end of the day, we must shatter Monsanto’s grip on the agricultural sector, and the stakes could not be higher. Will you continue supporting the corrupt, toxic and unsustainable food system that Monsanto and its industry allies are working so hard to protect? Or, will you join me and a growing number of others in fighting the poisoning of our Earth?

Thankfully, many consumers are rejecting genetically engineered and pesticide- and herbicide-laden foods. Another positive trend is that there has been strong growth in the global organic and grass fed sectors. This just proves one thing: We can make a difference if we steadily work toward the same goal.

One of the best things you can do is to buy your foods from a local farmer who runs a small business and uses diverse methods that promote regenerative agriculture. You can also join a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, where you can buy a “share” of the vegetables produced by the farm, so that you get a regular supply of fresh food.
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