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Study: Cycling Daily Reduces Obesity — Unless It’s an e-Bike

A study of European cyclists shows that daily bike riding produces the lowest body mass index (BMI) for travelers of any method of transportation, reports. Beware, though: All the benefits are erased if you choose to ride an electric bike; in other words, biking reduces your BMI only if YOU are the one powering the bike.

Whether you bike, run, walk or practice high-intensity interval training (HIIT), science clearly shows that you derive a wide range of benefits from simply getting up and moving — as opposed to passively sitting or riding — not the least of which may be a lower BMI. For example, just taking a 10-minute walk after each meal helps lower your insulin levels.

I've often said that exercise is an important prevention strategy for many metabolic diseases, and studies confirm that the timing and quantity of exercise play a significant role. One study even showed that just increasing exercise from 150 minutes to 300 minutes per week reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 36 percent. Unfortunately, less than half of Americans get even 150 minutes of exercise per week.

You can remedy that, though, by making it your goal to get up and move, and to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. To see which kind of exercise works best, Mayo Clinic researchers pitted three types of exercises against each other: high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on stationary bikes, vigorous resistance training or a combination of exercises (moderate pace stationary bike combined with light weight lifting).

All of the exercisers experienced improvements in lean body mass and insulin sensitivity, and those who engaged in resistance training had boosts in muscle mass and strength. But the HIIT group showed marked improvements in endurance as well as positive mitochondria changes.

I personally believe that one of the best high-intensity exercises is the Nitric Oxide Dump, which I’ve talked about often lately. I typically do a modified version of it, using 8-pound weights (although I advise that beginners use no weights to start with). It takes about three to four minutes and is typically done three times a day every day, but must be at least two hours between sessions.
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