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Makeup of an Individual’s Gut Bacteria May Play Role in Weight Loss

In another study confirming just how important the state of your gut is to your whole health, researchers found that certain gut bacteria play a big role in determining whether you can lose weight. These bacteria figure in substantively, even when you reduce your caloric consumption and increase physical activity, Science Daily said. Two key findings were that the bacteria Phascolarctobacterium was associated with weight loss success, while the bacteria Dialister was associated with failure to lose weight.

This is an exciting study because it’s so easy to reprogram your gut microbiome. A vital first step is to eliminate sugar from your diet, especially sugars found in processed foods. Adding fermented foods such as kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut along with prebiotic foods like garlic, leeks, asparagus and onions is another step toward revitalizing bacteria in your gut to work for you, rather than against you.

Coupled with a fat-for fuel, cyclical ketogenic diet that includes plenty of fiber-rich foods such as the soluble fiber found in cucumbers, blueberries, beans and nuts, along with prebiotics and digestive-resistant starches found in chilled, cooked potatoes, seeds, tapioca starch and unripe tropical fruits such as banana, papaya and mango, and you have a good recipe for getting on the road to weight loss and good health.

It helps to know that other studies have found that people on a 26-week diet with a high gut ratio of certain microbes lost an average of 10.9 pounds of body fat — 3.5 pounds more than a placebo group. The bottom line is, when your gut microbiome is balanced, your general function reflects a boost in energy and overall better health.
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