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Preorder Now — And Eat Your Way to Good Health With ‘Ketofast’

If you’ve heard about the keto diet and you’re wondering what it has it to do with fasting, then good news! Dr. Mercola’s latest book, “Ketofast,” is here to help.

Or, perhaps you’re already on a keto diet and you want to go the next step by incorporating a fasting program, but you’re not quite sure how to do it — well, good news again, because “Ketofast” can get you started. Step by step, complete with a 30-day plan on how to blend a keto diet with a fasting program, you will learn how to rejuvenate your health with the life-changing results that “Ketofast” offers.

You’ve probably already heard that ancient healers and scholars considered fasting to be a potent strategy for uplifting your health and freeing yourself from disease, but did you know that there is more than one way to fast, or that fasting doesn’t have to mean going without food for a whole day — or days?


With the strategies you’ll learn in “Ketofast,” you not only can fast without being hungry, but you can actually customize your fasting program to your ketogenic diet in a way that fits your own body and your own needs.  

From the latest research on fasting and ketogenic diets to the mechanisms of how each complements the other, “Ketofast” is an easy-to-understand guide on how you can achieve the metabolic flexibility to improve your health and prevent or recover from a wide range of metabolic disorders, including obesity, diabetes and even cancer. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Why we get sick — And why you don’t have to accept a chronic disease death sentence
  • The history of fasting — How it’s evolved as a natural dietary practice for good health
  • The mechanisms of fasting — What happens to your body when you fast
  • The different types of fasting — And who can benefit by each type
  • Whether fasting is safe for you — Use this guide to know when it’s time to reevaluate what you’re doing and whether you need to adjust your fasting schedule or maybe even put it on hold
  • The dark side of fasting — What you can do to address the toxins and environmental roadblocks that can waylay the best-laid fasting plan
  • What a cyclical ketogenic diet is — How you can maximize the best of a ketogenic diet with a time-restricted fasting plan structured just for you
  • How to Ketofast — What foods to eat, what not to eat and how to begin your road to lifelong health and wellness
  • How to monitor your progress with certain lab tests — And how doing so not only measures your success, but helps you tweak any changes you may need to make

In addition, “Ketofast” gives you guidelines on what beverages and liquids are acceptable on ketofast days, supplements that can help your body and probiotics that boost your gut health.

The bottom line, according to Aaron Davidson, creator of Cronometer, a free online tool to track nutrients and analyze what you’re eating, is:

“’Ketofast’ provides a carefully considered program of fasting and feeding that, based on recent research, should optimize your metabolic health. Presented in terms any layperson can follow, this book can help you navigate the complex interconnected concepts of fasting, time-restricted feeding, circadian cycles and ketogenic diets.”

So why wait? Positively reviewed by a host of others, from doctors to nutritionists to other authors, “Ketofast” could be the answer you’re looking for when it comes to learning how to incorporate fasting into a keto life.

If you’re still wondering whether “Ketofast” is something that can help you, why not try a Bonus Chapter, free, by clicking here? Highly referenced, this Ketofast Summary Report will give you a synopsis of the lecture Dr. Mercola offers on ketofasting. Unpublished in any other form, this report shares ideas and information you won’t find anywhere else — and which are detailed in “Ketofast.”


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