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Get Dr. Mercola’s New Book: EMF*D!

You can’t see it, and you may not be able to feel it, but you’re surrounded by electronic pollution, and it’s wrecking your health. The electromagnetic frequencies emitted from your Wi-Fi router, computer, smart phone, home appliances and even the wiring inside your walls are doing serious biological harm to your body and mind. And with 5G, it’s getting even worse.


Dr. Mercola believes that EMFs one of the greatest challenges to public health, which is why he has created a guide to help you detect and survive the hidden EMFs that surround you each and every day. In his new book, EMF*D, you’ll discover:

  • How EMFs are impacting your body and mind
  • Where you can find them in your daily life
  • How they can cause disease and speed up aging
  • How to repair the damage done by EMFs at the cellular level
  • Practical strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones from EMFs

Just as important, EMF*D also uncovers why you’ve been left in the dark about this serious threat to your health.

Having trouble sleeping? Feeling fatigued or suffering from headaches? Suffering from anxiety of having trouble concentrating? These symptoms, among others, can be signs of problematic EMF exposure. There’s no question… you need effective strategies for minimizing your EMF exposure. And you need to know how to reduce and prevent the health-damaging effects of wireless radiation and dirty electricity from within.

EMF*D comes out on February 18, 2020, but you don’t need to wait! Preorder your copy today and receive these five bonus gifts immediately:

  • Early access to a chapter from the book
  • $10 discount on a Mercola order
  • 30-page Sneak Peak PDF Book
  • 7 strategies to help reduce EMF exposure
  • 5 tips to minimize your cellphone risk (SMS exclusive bonus)
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