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Pre-Diabetes Becoming More Prevalent

Metabolic syndrome is the new term for syndrome X that includes obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugars.

This editorial states that type 2 diabetes will reach up to seven percent of the population by 2025. You can double that for pre-diabetics. So that will be nearly 15 percent of the population with diabetic tendencies. However, today in the United States we already have over 30 million people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

A fasting blood sugar is probably the simplest way to diagnose pre-diabetes. If it is between 110 and 125 you have pre-diabetes. I think ANY three digit blood sugar is too high, and ideally I like to see it in the low 80s.

Fortunately, there are great "drugs" that can reverse and "cure" diabetes. They are exercise and diet. I recently reviewed the exercise requirements to control diabetes. The key to diet is avoiding foods that increase insulin. As I discuss in my new book, eliminating grains and sugars is key. However, as long as one is overweight, removing nearly all nuts and fruits also seems necessary to reach one's ideal weight.

British Medical Journal July 12, 2003

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