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Brain Surgery With Hardware Drill

A doctor in Peru who earns less than $500 a month used a drill he went out and purchased in a hardware store and a pair of pliers that he uses on his car to save the life of a 47-year-old who was in a street fight and suffered a sub dural hematoma after getting bashed in the head with a metal object.

Amazing what one can do with simple tools in even severe situations like this one.

In many ways I feel like the Peruvian doctor. With limited means and tools seven years ago I started this newsletter. Who would have thought that it would reach so many? We are now the second most-read natural health newsletter online with nearly 10 million "hits" every month.

The blog and Knowledge Filter are two tools that will help further the reach of the newsletter so we can ultimately change the paradigm that is killing people every day.

In many ways the task is far more daunting then the Peruvian doctor's, as there are millions who are dying needlessly and being damaged by the flawed system that is controlled by the drug companies.

Fortunately, the Internet is the great leveler and truth will come to the surface. It is the beginning of the end for the current system. And just like the Peruvian doctor's patient, the outcome will be a success.

Reuters July 11, 2003

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