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Excess Zinc Can Cause Low Red and White Blood Cells

Keeping in line with a minimalist supplement approach this report provides further confirmation that one needs to exercise prudent caution when using supplements. Even a seemingly benign supplement like a macro mineral when used in excess can push the body out of balance into disease.

For further information on my views on this topic you can read my May article titled Do you really need a shopping bag full of supplements?

In this report the excessive zinc caused a copper deficiency that caused a decrease in both red and white blood cells.

Normally this will not be a problem when minerals are used in the proper levels, and this woman received over 100 mg of zinc daily for over five years. However, while this is a high level, it is one that is easy to take in OTC supplements, and I imagine some might be taking such a high dose when using supplements such as drugs to treat skin conditions like acne.

Interestingly, the woman was also taking 2 mg of copper daily, which was not enough to compensate for the excessive zinc.

Camadian Medical Journal July 22, 2003

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