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Organic Foods Will Be Increasing in Stores

Organic sales total about $13 billion per year (about two percent of the food market). But they are increasing at about 20 percent per year. That demand, coupled with the movement by mainstream retailers to offer more organically made alternatives on their shelves, make it likely that organic products will become much more visible.

Horizon Organic is one of the largest organic food producers, and they were purchased by Dean Foods earlier this month. Dean Foods is the largest milk producer in the United States.

While the trend to organic foods is greatly appreciated, it is important to understand the main reason why commercial milk is not good for you. I would highly recommend avoiding even Horizon organic milk, because it is pasteurized. The bulk of the damage to milk occurs during the pasteurization process.

Interestingly, the last major outbreak of salmonella in dairy products occured in Dean Foods pasteurized milk in the 80s just outside of Chicago where my practice is. It was NOT due to raw milk.

Washhington Post July 26, 2003 pagd E01

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