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Do You Really Want a Breast Implant?

Despite the concern with breast implants, over 200,000 women obtain them each year. Breast implants are a huge fraud being committed on American women as these cherished breast implants may cost them their insurance, their health, their beauty, their vitality, their families, their careers, and too often, even their lives.

A new study shows that 15 percent of silicone implants will rupture within 10 years of implanting them. However, an earlier FDA study showed that nearly 70 percent had ruptured and other studies show a 90 percent chance of rupture within 20 years.

Sure seems to me that it would be far safer, easier, and less expensive to use EFT to address the underlying reason why the women are seeking the implants in the first place.

Archives of Surgery July, 2003;138(7):801-6

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