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Epidemic of Childhood Obesity Continues

The incidence of obesity in kids has increased by 100 percent. Childhood obesity precedes adult obesity in one-third of cases.

Interestingly, the editorial for this article concludes that:

"The remarkable prevalence of overweight in childhood appears related to environmental and behavior changes in the population, rather than to a change in the genetic makeup of the affected children."

Yes, they are starting to get a clue!

It is not the genes that are causing the obesity epidemic, it is the reliance on grains, sugars and juices and the decrease in exercise that has caused it as I discuss in my new book.

Of course the situation is out of control, but this may actually be good compared to what it could be if this trend continues and the prinicples in The No-Grain Diet are not fully embraced. I would have to agree with the editorial conclusion:

"If we do not, we may look back at the start of the 21st century as the good old days when childhood overweight affected no more than 25 percent of American children."

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition August 2003 Vol. 78, No. 2, 199-200

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