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Has the Sea Given Up its Bounty?

Fascinating review of the details behind why more than 70 percent of commercial fish stocks are now considered fully exploited, overfished or collapsed. Global fishing is spreading so fast that it is devastating marine ecosystems before scientists study them or get a rough idea of the size of populations. Recent studies estimate that stocks of many fishes are now one-tenth of what they were 50 years ago.

This is tragic as fish oil is one of the most essential foods that we require to stay healthy. When one combines the decreased amount of fish with the fact that most fish are contaminated with mercury , it's becoming more and more difficult to find safe sources of this food.

It sure seems that the human species is deteriorating rapidly. With obesity rampant, increased heavy metal loads like mercury, less available access to healthy fats and more reliance on processed foods we will need ever increasing vigilance on how we can optimize our health and those of the ones we love.

New York Times July 29, 2003 Free Registration Required

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