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Osteopathic Doctors Are More Personable Than MDs

Many of you probably already know I am an osteopathic physician. Many others may not know what osteopathic medicine is so I've included a link that thoroughly discusses it.

Interestingly, the study shows that osteopathic physicians are more likely to have a personal style with patients, while allopaths (MDs) are more likely to inform patients of the scientific literature behind their cases. The study also found that D.O.s are more likely than M.D.s to use the patient's first name, discuss his or her emotional state and ask "Anything else I can do for you?"

While I think this is all well and good and I am very grateful for my osteopathic training, it still falls far short of addressing the underlying cause of disease and for the most part is still rooted in the surgical and drug solution mode. Fortunately though, DOs are far more likely to be open to adopting the necessary changes that will be required to fully serve their patients.

Journal American Osteopathic Association July 2003;103(7):313-8

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