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Britons Rely on Fat Drug

British doctors wrote a half million prescriptions for Xenical (Orlistat) in 2002. Like Americans, about one in five British are obese. This is a 300 percent increase in the use of the drug since it was first introduced in 1999.

A reliance on drugs in the United States is already bad enough, but in socialistic countries like England, the problem could be far worse as the drugs are paid for by the government, and with nearly two-thirds of the country overweight it would seem there would be a nearly unlimited demand for this type of "easy and simple" solution.

The drug works by blocking the absorption of fat in the gut, so it is part of the low-fat myth as anyone who is familiar with this site or my book would know. Fortunately, No-Grain Diet will be published in England in January 2004, and I will be lecturing in London early next year to help resolve their reliance on drugs that in no way, shape or from treat the problem.

BBC News August 2, 2003

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