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Why Do Doctors Kill Themselves?

How tragically sad that doctors who are so committed to helping people kill themselves because they are unable to help their patients.

How can they?

They are in a losing battle, trained in a fatally flawed paradigm that is designed to enrich the drug companies at the expense of healing the consumer. The doctors are every bit the victims as the consumer as the drug company spends around $10,000 every year to influence their behavior in prescribing drugs. The logical consequence for most doctors is to believe what they are fed and become enormously frustrated that they are unable to help the people who seek their help in recovering from illness at the deepest levels.

All too frequently doctors are unknowing pawns in the drug company game that It starts the moment they enter med school and has an over 99% success ratio in brainwashing new doctors to their point of view. I know because I was there and came out on the wrong side of the fence.

So what is the answer?

I will relate more in an upcoming story, but I believe the answer is to avoid having negative feelings towards the drug company. Negative feelings actually generate a specific electromagnetic frequency that actually attracts more of the behavior to society.

What is the alternative?

I believe that we need to focus hard and imagine and feel what is would be like to have the drug company on our side and actually fighting the good fight and using their resources to help mankind rahter than line their pockets so doctors like this don't have to kill themselves.

So focus hard for several minutes a day so you can serve as a mini electromagnetic generator and feel exactly what it would be like to have good drug companies using all their incredible power and influence for good.

BBC News August 5, 2003

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