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Medical Insurance For Vaccines???

A panel of "medical experts" recommended that to ensure that all Americans get needed vaccinations, the government should require medical insurance to cover the shots and should provide vouchers to people without insurance.

Michael Belkin forwarded this link to me along with his comment:

"This is such bullcrap propaganda. The average Washington Post reader would never realize that the government already bankrolls vaccines with billons of taxpayer dollars through the VFC Vaccines for Children program. Go to the CDC and ACIP meetings (I have). That is what they talk about. The money from the government and how they will spend it. It's actually worse than I thought as you can see by the NY Times article. They propose a whole new government spending program for vaccines beyond the existing VFC (Vaccines for Children) program."

Washington Post August 5, 2003; Page A13 Free Registration Required

New York Times August 5, 2003 Free Registration Required August 6, 2003

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