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Not Enough Sun Causes MS

It is widely known that the risk of MS increases the farther away one goes from the equator. Scientists believe the mechanism is secondary to decreased ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation increases vitamin D levels and may have a protective role in T helper cell type 1 mediated autoimmune disease.

This study shows that appropriate sun exposure during childhood seems to provide a protective benefit against MS later in life.

To me the take-home message is loud and clear. Sun exposure is not the evil it is made out to be. It is clearly important to have regular sun exposure for optimum health and to avoid these types of autoimmune diseases. So parents, let your kids out in the sun, just monitor them carefully to make sure they don't get burnt.

Last week I posted the article on how sunscreen can actually cause cancer. Aside from the cancer issue, sunscreen will actually block the beneficial UV rays that produce vitamin D and protect against autoimmune disease.

British Medical Journal August 9, 2003;327:316 Full Text Article

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